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It’s that time of year when we get excited for our big event. But this year, it’s even more exciting! We will be rolling out our new website in just a few short weeks! We are now an official non-profit organization and have lots of plans going into 2019! With that comes many opportunities for our members!

In the past years, we have always had a big event each year (Bash on the Beach) where we would have ONE sponsor. This year, we are asking for sponsors for our Harvest Bash! Your sponsorship will not only help us to have a great party, but will pay for our website that will be available to all members as well as other Professionals and Seniors in our community! To thank you for your sponsorship, you will receive the benefits of the website (based on your level of sponsorship) and you will lock in your membership throughout 2019! If you decide to become a member of Caring Connections after this event the 2019 fees will apply.

Sponsorships for the Harvest Bash are now closed. Please contact us for questions or more information.

Contact us to shine the spotlight on your organization at the Harvest Bash!

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