• When you should begin planning
  • Why your last Will may not be enough
  • The most important document that everyone needs
  • How long-term care depletes your estate
  • Why long-term care planning protects your estate
  • Types and uses of trusts
  • How a trust affects probate
  • Funeral Trusts
  • Trusts to protect inherited IRAs
  • Trusts that provide for future generations
  • Important differences between revocable and irrevocable trusts


Presentation by Fiona Van Dyck.  FIONA VAN DYCK is the founding attorney of Van Dyck Law, LLC, where she focuses her practice exclusively on estate planning and elder care law. She has been chosen by the New Jersey Attorney General’s office to instruct their attorneys on the topics of basic estate planning and administration, as part of their continuing legal education program.

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