“Dealing with Dementia” program through the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving. (RIC provides advocacy, research, education, training and service for family and professional caregivers across the lifespan.)

The Dealing with Dementia Program provides a four hour workshop focused on the Dealing with Dementia Guide for either family or professional dementia caregivers. This guide, provided to all workshop attendees, is a 350 page comprehensive resource.

Originally the guide was a component of the RCI REACH program and is only offered in 20 locations across the country. REACH stands for Resources to Enhance Alzheimer’s Caregiver Health.

Because caregivers in the Reach program found the guide so useful, RCI decided to make it available where the REACH program is not available.

The guide provides information, strategies and tools to empower caregivers in dementia behavior management, providing a dementia friendly lifestyle, and increasing self-care. We are now able to provide Family Caregiver Workshops and Professional Caregiver Workshops.



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