Senior Bullying is More Common Than You Think

When we think of bullying, many times we think of adolescents in middle school and high school. These “Mean Girls” or bullies make life impossible for the victim. There is another demographic that we need to bring attention to in this day and age which it may come to a surprise to you.Bullying is defined […]

Photo: older woman holding up a drawing of a pink flower

“I promised Mom I would keep her in her home.”

This is something in senior living we hear daily. But what is Mom really doing at home?  Many senior living communities now offer a hospitality approach, focusing on a resident’s overall wellbeing, rather than just solely focusing on their clinical needs. “Assisting a resident with their daily hygiene routine is very important but assisted living […]

The Clare Estate

The Clare Estate Assisted Living Community in Bordentown, New Jersey, is a truly unique and luxurious senior residential community cloistered peacefully amid 10 acres of fully restored and modernized historic buildings, towering trees, natural spaces, and gardened lawns that offers a grand and historic estate setting found in few other senior communities.