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Caring Connections of New Jersey and Pennsylvania is on a mission to educate seniors, no matter where they live, on the services available to them as their needs change.

Whether you are planning for long term care or experiencing crisis, we are here to help.

We welcome all seniors and their families to visit our site and view the resources available to them. If you do not see what you are looking for, we urge you to contact us and tell us exactly what you are looking for.

One of our facilitators will be able to provide comprehensive valuable information without asking for your personal information.

Our speaker's bureau is available to groups, churches, seniors centers and all of the community to provide education without solicitation. We are here for our community and value each and every senior as well as their families.




Resources for Seniors

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Grieving the Living

Grief is described as deep sorrow, usually after someone dies. We’ve all lost loved ones at one point or another and the stages of emotions that people go through when grieving are those of denial, anger, guilt, depression and acceptance. These are not necessarily in order and may repeat during the bereavement process. What should […]


Creativity for Your Health-by Linda Mundie, Vice President of Caring Connections of New Jersey and Pennsylvania

When we think of wellness and the habits that are vital to our wellbeing, we immediately think of diet, exercise and sleep as the standards of health.  An overlooked aspect of wellness is creativity.  Researchers are starting to investigate some of the fundamental aspects of life that usually get neglected, including our basic need for creativity. Developing […]


August is Wellness Month

August is Wellness Month and August 15th is Relaxation Day. Every day should be thought of as “Wellness Day”, but the truth is that caregivers rarely put themselves first. Sometimes our lives are so busy that we simply feel there is no time for extra steps for our own wellness. Perhaps you are someone who […]

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