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Upwards of 75 million Baby Boomers are coming of age and needing health care services, long term care, affordable housing, and community supports within in the next 10 years. Aging affects everyone in the community. 

Caring Connections of New Jersey and Pennsylvania not only educates seniors and their families in the community, but also creates awareness in the community about the issues affecting aging citizens.

Whether it's an expert panel at a local library, a topic of interest at a 55+ clubhouse, or those families who are dealing with loved ones with dementia, we have the resources for all members of our community.

We provide speakers by request to small and large groups and collect and donate food at each meetings to help our local food banks and organizations that help seniors in need.




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Do’s and Don’ts to Help Thwart the Spread of Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is on the top of everyone’s mind. Some families are rushing to the store, stocking up in fear of the worst, while others are fearful they will not be able to get the supplies and care they need for themselves or a loved one. 

This virus is rapidly spreading across the world, believed to have entered the United States in February, with the first case being discovered in China1. First discovered in a nursing home in Washington, new cases are popping up every newscast. The numbers are changing so quickly barely anyone can keep up. 

Coronavirus is a virus that exhibits symptoms similar to the flu. They include fever, coughing, and trouble breathing2.

It is spread through close contact with others through respiratory droplets that are made when someone who  is infected coughs or sneezes3.

Caring Connections of New Jersey, like many of our members and partners, is keeping a close eye on Coronavirus developments, because the virus has the potential to be a matter of life and death for adults over age 60 and people young and old that have serious chronic medical conditions4.

Due to fears that the virus could be seriously dangerous to our aging population, nursing homes and hospice providers, even many right here in New Jersey, have temporarily suspended all non essential medical visits.

The more we can do right now to prevent the spread of this dangerous virus, the better off we all will be. If even if someone comes into contact with the virus but doesn’t get sick, but he or she could still be a carrier and spread it to others. 

There is no cure for Coronavirus, so cancellations, isolation, and other precautions are on everyone’s mind as we take measures to “Flatten the Curve.”

Flattening the curve simply means using protective measures so we don’t overwhelm the healthcare system.

The website,, laid out key suggestions, as well as things we should avoid, as we take active steps to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the virus. (It has a wealth of great information. Hop on over there to get a full understanding of this virus and what’s going on.”

We made an infographic to sum it all up for you. Just click on the infographic to view it full size and zoom in. 

Infographic of Dos and Don'ts from

For information specifically for family caregivers concerned about how they can cope with Coronavirus when a loved one is in a facility, visit this article at

For the official CDC Coronavirus website, follow this link: 






CCNJ Kindness Crusade


We are on a mission to create societal change by teaching emotional awareness, empathy, community building, and most importantly, the development of a healthy self-image through the CCNJ Kindness Crusade. On February 14, 2020, CCNJ kicked off its first annual kindness campaign. The campaign will run until March 31, 2020. Do you know someone who […]

Six Things to Look for When Visiting Your Aging Loved One This Season

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Sometimes we don’t see our parents or aging loved ones as much as we would like. Life gets in the way and our responsibilities pull us in many directions. We speak to mom or dad on the phone and they tell us everything is just fine. But is it? With the holidays here, take note […]

Grieving the Living

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Grief is described as deep sorrow, usually after someone dies. We’ve all lost loved ones at one point or another and the stages of emotions that people go through when grieving are those of denial, anger, guilt, depression and acceptance. These are not necessarily in order and may repeat during the bereavement process. What should […]

Creativity for Your Health-by Linda Mundie, Vice President of Caring Connections of New Jersey and Pennsylvania

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When we think of wellness and the habits that are vital to our wellbeing, we immediately think of diet, exercise and sleep as the standards of health.  An overlooked aspect of wellness is creativity.  Researchers are starting to investigate some of the fundamental aspects of life that usually get neglected, including our basic need for creativity. Developing […]

August is Wellness Month

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August is Wellness Month and August 15th is Relaxation Day. Every day should be thought of as “Wellness Day”, but the truth is that caregivers rarely put themselves first. Sometimes our lives are so busy that we simply feel there is no time for extra steps for our own wellness. Perhaps you are someone who […]

Grey Market Risks and How They Will Impact You and Your Family

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According to The Institute on Aging, in the year 1900 only 100,000 Americans reached the age of 85. By 2050, the 85+ year-old age group will reach 19 million, which is 5 percent of the total population. These numbers are scary when you look at the amount of qualified individuals there are to care for […]

Bash on the Beach Sponsorship Deals

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We’re so stoked for the 2019 CCNJ Bash on the Beach! It’s going to be a great event! In preparation for the Bash, we’re offering discounts on membership and sponsorship in conjunction with the Bash. Become a CCNJ Member! Your membership to CCNJ counts as a sponsorship because it makes it possible for us to […]

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