This is the season where we will reflect on for what we are thankful. Research shows that we should be in touch with our gratitude even when the leaves aren’t changing or when the air is crisp. So many studies have been done to show the benefits of feeling grateful. Sometimes all it takes to get in touch with those emotional and physical benefits is to be a little introspective.

Northeastern University has found that people who were grateful for “the little things” were more patient and made better decisions than those who were not in touch with their gratitude. 105 undergrads were asked which they prefer. Receiving a small amount of money NOW or a larger amount in the future. Those students who were in touch with their daily gratitude chose to hold out for the future pay out.

It has been shown that when people rate their gratitude, psychological health, physical health it was more likely that they were to eat healthy, exercise and go to the doctor. Those who were in touch with their gratitude appreciated and took better care of their bodies and their mind.

Feeling gratitude toward a partner and your partner feeling gratitude toward you improves different aspects of your relationship. Those who were grateful for one another had a better connection and were happier. These couples were also more comfortable expressing any concerns about their relationships to one another.

Gratitude is absolutely associated with happiness, positive emotions, building quality relationships and dealing with adversity. Because of this Caring Connections of New Jersey will be focusing on gratitude throughout the month of November. We will be encouraging our members, community seniors and family caregivers to think about what they are grateful for. It’s easy to be general when thinking about this which is why we are proposing a greater challenge. When thinking what you are grateful for, avoid saying “my health, my family and my friends”. This may be harder than you think! It’s when we are in touch with the little moments and specific things in our lives that we see the biggest benefits.  We will be sharing our gratitude with others, encouraging others to be mindful of their own gratitude.

When we eat something sweet it gives us a mere moment of instant gratification. Learning to get in touch with our gratitude helps to steer us away from that instant gratification which fades away shortly after it occurs. Our gratitude then become an actual tool for a healthy frame of mind. Why not join us in our gratitude campaign in November? Not only could you see the benefits through you own wellbeing, but you can help others do the same.

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