Social situations vary from family to family. These situations can contribute to the social, physical and psychological issues in aging adults and ultimately lead to serious health problems if they are not addressed.

Some things that can directly impact the physical and mental health of seniors are as follows:

  • The loss of a spouse-When a spouse passes, the individual’s life changes in every aspect. Loneliness and depression may occur. Grieving can affect the way we eat, sleep and socialize.
  • Physical changes-Seniors who are dealing with physical factors sometimes have a hard time adjusting to the changes happening to their body. Inability to live the life we are used to can be hard to cope with. Those who can no longer work are missing a big part in their life. Those who were once very active, who cannot drive or even walk like they used to, may experience a feeling of loss regarding what they “used to be”.
  • Not wanting to be a burden on family- Knowing that adult children are busy with work and their own children may cause a senior to not be honest when it comes to their health. Not wanting to be a bother to their family, sometimes seniors will not be honest when it comes to their abilities. This can cause further untreated physical problems or unnecessary falls. Be sure to know when your aging parents are going to the doctor and when they get to the point when they are missing doctor appointments, it’s time to step in. If you find yourself missing work to assist your loved ones, call a local elder care advisor to help guide you in the right direction.
  • Financial Stress-Those who retire who have not been able to put enough money away feel financial stress when they stop working. Be sure to take the time to talk to professionals when planning for your retirement.

It is very important for us to take care of ourselves while we age. A balanced diet and regular exercise can help keep us healthy and protect us from some of the social situations that may arise. Choosing healthy habits and surrounding ourselves with positive people, places and things can also be a help.

Aging is inevitable but the way we prepare for it can make a difference in your physical and psychological well-being.

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