We’re so stoked for the 2019 CCNJ Bash on the Beach! It’s going to be a great event!

In preparation for the Bash, we’re offering discounts on membership and sponsorship in conjunction with the Bash.

Become a CCNJ Member!

Your membership to CCNJ counts as a sponsorship because it makes it possible for us to do what we do. Memberships are $50 for the year.

For a limited time only, sign up for a 2019 membership and get your ticket to the Bash on the Beach for half the price!!!***

Sign up and pay for your CCNJ membership and we will send you a discount code for $10 off your ticket. 

***Good for pre-registration only. You must be registered as a CCNJ member by 4/2/2019.

Partner, Corporate & Executive Sponsors

New sponsorships will be offered at a $200 discount off listed prices for the month of March and AT THE EVENT.

Use the promo code [BoBSP0NS0R2019] to get $200 off your sponsorship! 

If you need help signing up, contact Support at https://caringconnectionsnj.org/support/

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