ccnj happy 10th anniversary

Happy 10th Anniversary, CCNJ!

Happy Anniversary Caring Connections of New Jersey and Pennsylvania! We cannot believe it’s been 10 years since Caring Connections of New Jersey and Pennsylvania was born! No one could not have imagined the growth that this organization would have had in 2011 when it began. We started with having professional meetings through the years in […]


Do’s and Don’ts to Help Thwart the Spread of Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is on the top of everyone’s mind. Some families are rushing to the store, stocking up in fear of the worst, while others are fearful they will not be able to get the supplies and care they need for themselves or a loved one. 

This virus is rapidly spreading across the world, believed to have entered the United States in February, with the first case being discovered in China1. First discovered in a nursing home in Washington, new cases are popping up every newscast. The numbers are changing so quickly barely anyone can keep up. 

Coronavirus is a virus that exhibits symptoms similar to the flu. They include fever, coughing, and trouble breathing2.

It is spread through close contact with others through respiratory droplets that are made when someone who  is infected coughs or sneezes3.

Caring Connections of New Jersey, like many of our members and partners, is keeping a close eye on Coronavirus developments, because the virus has the potential to be a matter of life and death for adults over age 60 and people young and old that have serious chronic medical conditions4.

Due to fears that the virus could be seriously dangerous to our aging population, nursing homes and hospice providers, even many right here in New Jersey, have temporarily suspended all non essential medical visits.

The more we can do right now to prevent the spread of this dangerous virus, the better off we all will be. If even if someone comes into contact with the virus but doesn’t get sick, but he or she could still be a carrier and spread it to others. 

There is no cure for Coronavirus, so cancellations, isolation, and other precautions are on everyone’s mind as we take measures to “Flatten the Curve.”

Flattening the curve simply means using protective measures so we don’t overwhelm the healthcare system.

The website,, laid out key suggestions, as well as things we should avoid, as we take active steps to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the virus. (It has a wealth of great information. Hop on over there to get a full understanding of this virus and what’s going on.”

We made an infographic to sum it all up for you. Just click on the infographic to view it full size and zoom in. 

Infographic of Dos and Don'ts from

For information specifically for family caregivers concerned about how they can cope with Coronavirus when a loved one is in a facility, visit this article at

For the official CDC Coronavirus website, follow this link: 






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Imagine what it would mean if suddenly, you couldn’t drive any more.  The loss of independence is a terrible blow to a senior citizen who, because of health problems or physical limitations, can no longer drive safely. Statistics from the federal government show that people under 75 have relatively low involvement in car crashes.  But […]

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The Greystone Residential Program At Friends Hospital is a Long-term Residence for Adults and Older Adults with Mental Illness (non-dementia related). Private –pay residence with structured programming to address mental health needs Program staffed 24/7 and includes nursing, psychiatry, social work, & counselors Licensed by State of PA and accredited by The Joint Commission Full access […]

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SpendyLove Home Care Care with Excellence   SpendyLove Home Care mission is to offer new beginnings and meaningful opportunities to caregivers and clinicians while providing home care services built on innovation, skill and Christ-like values of compassion, honesty and patience. Living by our mission is what makes us a top choice for excellent home care, […]

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Understanding Medicare Part A Coverage of Care in a Skilled Nursing Facility

If you are a senior 65 or older, then you probably have Medicare.  Understanding your Medicare coverage can be very important, especially if you find yourself in the hospital, or needing care after a hospitalization.  Medicare Part A covers Medicare inpatient care, including care received while in a hospital, a skilled nursing facility, and, in limited […]

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Goodwill Home Medical Equipment

A division of Goodwill Industries of Southern NJ & Philadelphia, Goodwill Home Medical Equipment collects, refurbishes and sells gently-used home medical equipment at affordable places. Our vast inventory includes everything from power and manual wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, portable ramps, lift chairs, and hospital beds to canes, crutches and shower items.  We also sell unopened medical […]

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Welcome to Caring Connections of New Jersey!

Thanks for stopping by our new website! We are a network of professionals passionate about educating seniors in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Since 2011, we have been working to connect the health care community and share the knowledge and resources we have with each other in homes of improving the lives of seniors in our […]